It is extremely vital for garden pond owners to do the regular maintenance of their pond to keep the water clean and their fish healthy as a result. Here are the following service tips on garden pond installation and upkeep that you need to apply.

One of the first few tips that you may apply is to figure out the estimated gallons of water that an average pond, a circular pond, and a perfect rectangle pond should be able to contain. The volume of an average pond can be determined by multiplying the pond’s width, length, and depth, thus resulting in its cubic feet. Multiply the pond’s cubic feet by 7.5 and you get its estimated gallons.

The volume of a circular garden pond can be verified when you multiply its radius by its radius again, after which you multiply by 3.14 and again multiply by its depth. The outcome is its cubic feet, which you multiply by 7.5 to obtain its estimated gallons.

A perfect rectangle garden pond will likely accommodate 2,640 gallons of water, but if such pond has gravel on it, the estimated amount should be 900 gallons. Moreover, the estimated gallons in a perfect rectangle pond do not consider rock displacement.

Once you finally know the estimated gallons for each type of garden pond mentioned previously, it will become easier for you to add water treatments, size the filter and the pump, and stock fish. Speaking of pumps, it is highly recommended to use in-line pumps due to its proven efficiency.