Whether you are looking for water lilies or Japanese koi to complete your garden pond set, Your Garden Ponds Service Center has you covered.

Our water lilies are available in hardy or tropical variants, and they both come in pink, red, and white colors. You may also add yellow hardy water lilies or blue and purple tropical water lilies to your collection, thus giving your pond a beautifully distinctive look.

Aside from water lilies, we also have marginal plants or shallow-water plants that are available in several varieties. You can choose from cattails, dwarf bamboo, horsetail rush, papyrus sedge, parrot feather watermilfoil, umbrella palm, and water iris.

For pond fish, we sell Japanese koi of all sizes, and they measure between three (3) inches and 20 inches. The koi that we have on sale are available in several color patterns, too. You can even choose to buy domestic breed koi or top-grade imported koi.

Japanese koi aside, we have goldfish for sale as well. Our goldfish come in a lot of variants and sizes, such as common comets, fantails, and shubunkins.