Design and construction aside, Your Garden Ponds Service Center also takes care of custom installations to give your garden pond a unique look and feel. Some of the services that we support involve the installation of aeration systems, installation of fiberglass ponds, setting up of koi ponds, setting up of pre-formed ponds of various shapes and sizes, setting up of rubber liners, and reconstruction of existing ponds.

Besides, we typically install liner ponds. This project consists of several processes, such as the excavation and design of pond interiors, construction of shelves for plants, the addition of bottom drains, and inspection of pond levelness. Once these processes are complete, the underlayment is set up subsequently.

For the underlayment installation, the sand or screenings are initially utilized to cover the whole bottom and sides of the pond. The underlayment fabric is installed right away, and then it is followed by the pond liner. Several selected stones are then set around the edge of the pond thoroughly. The pumps and filter systems are then installed. After this stage, you may fill your pond with water, add your favorite plants and fish, and enjoy the calming scenery.