Japanese koi are widely known to be a low-maintenance type of fish when it comes to raising them. A few great things about koi are that they are very beautiful to look at and they can adapt to dynamic weather conditions or several climates. Koi typically spawn during spring and lay eggs, but how can you determine if they are pregnant?

1. Check If the Belly Looks Bumpy or Rounded

Look at your aquatic pet and check if the belly appears a bit bumpy or rounded. A pregnant koi’s physical appearance is best described as having an almost bloated look. You may notice that the pregnant koi looks like holding small marbles inside, but they are simply eggs that that fish will lay.

2. Feed It with High Protein During Pregnancy

Your koi must mate to lay eggs. Once you are fully aware of your koi’s pregnancy, feed it with high amounts of protein before it lays eggs. The purpose of feeding protein to your pregnant koi is to move the process of laying eggs forward effortlessly. Once your koi have mated successfully and laid eggs, those eggs will then adhere to a surface like the floor of a pond or tank.

3. Keep Track of Its Reproductive Age

Ascertain the age of your pet fish. One simple way to determine whether your koi have entered reproductive age is through the measurement of its length. If your koi measures 10 inches or beyond that, its reproductive organs have fully developed, so they can finally lay eggs by that time. Additionally, koi are ready to lay eggs around the age of three to four years.