How to Introduce a Water Feature to Your Garden

Ponds, waterfalls, and solar fountain pumps are common in a residential garden. However, these water features may require a big investment. If you’re on a tight budget or are simply looking for creative ways to add water features to your garden, then here are some ideas you can follow:


Not all of us can afford an extravagant water feature. Meanwhile, some of those who can actually afford it don’t have the space to install a pond or pool. So, why not install a birdbath instead?

After all, it’s an affordable and beautiful focal point to a garden. Aside from that, it is a good water source for both birds and plants. Make sure to maintain it properly though, as it would be dangerous for birds if left contaminated.

To make your garden aesthetically pleasing, install the birdbath where you can see it through the windows. Watching and hearing the birds in your birdbath just seems to offer that calming feeling.

A Pot

If you are looking for something that won’t make you spend a lot of money at all, then a pot can be a good water feature alternative by transforming it into a mini-pond. However, to keep it algae-free, add at least two aquatic plants and other lush plantings.


Not all water source requires deep excavation. Some features only require a pump to provide water – such as a fountain!

A fountain provides a meditating experience because of its gentle sound. It is also an eye-catching sculpture that can add value to your property.

To install a fountain in your garden, you’ll need an electrical source for the pump to function. This pump can be kept inside the water feature. However, a water fountain can be very expensive if used regularly. Therefore, if you want something cost-effective, then you can try solar fountain pumps instead.

A Sink

A ceramic sink can be used as a small pond. Simply place it in a location that can get sunlight but not in a way where it is exposed to full light as it may be damaged when exposed to the sun all day long. You can make it stylish by providing a leg-up with bricks, a wooden ramp, or logs.

Utilize your Patio Collection

If you are into water plants, you may have a lot of patio collections. You can utilize them as they can be a great water feature because the lilies and lotus can thrive in them. If you often place your lotus in a small pond, this is the time to transfer them to the patio.

Lotus flowers have big round leaves and can often overcrowd the water source. Keeping them in containers, however, provides a perfect solution for their rapid growth.

Natural Pool

A natural pool is a great alternative if you want to swim in a garden free from the usual blue and chemical augmented pool. This kind of pool is usually rectangular, but you can make organic shapes as well.

A natural pool is filled with oxygenating plants, with waterlilies and reeds the perfect choices. These plants prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria, stunt algae growth, and decontaminate the water. The result? A pond that is healthy for both plants and you.

Capture the Rain

Rainfall is usually trapped in hollows and humps. However, in urban areas, rainfall is trapped in drainage and pipes which then go to nearby rivers. In built-up areas, this may cause flooding.

If you want a cost-effective water feature, you can create a water garden. This water garden will then redirect rainfall to your garden, and the soil will slowly absorb the rainwater, creating a temporary water source for your plants.

Final Thoughts

Water is an important element to a garden however small or big it is. Without it, your plants will never thrive, thus explaining the importance of a water feature. However, water features should not be costly. As such, don’t fret if you don’t have the budget as there are a lot of ways to create a water feature without spending a lot.

From a simple pot to a solar fountain pump, you can find many creative ways to add a water feature to your garden. The good thing is that you can always make it cozy and stylish. So why settle on a single water feature when you can have more at once?